Best 5 Apps Of This Week September 2019

New applications and games show up each day on the Google Play Store. Like each end of the week, we help you to see things all the more obviously by offering you our choice, with the assistance of our locale.

What does the Play Store have available for us this week? Applications and rounds of various types!

Vivaldi Browser

As of now accessible in a beta rendition, Vivaldi Browser is at last accessible on Android (iOS should hold up somewhat more).

This internet browser, known for its work area form propelled in 2016, is a quick and proficient choice to Chrome, Opera or Firefox. You’ll discover everything that makes up the embodiment of a program here with tab the board,

a private mode, a download chief, moment screen captures and even notes with rich content help. The application is, obviously, free and right now supports start to finish encryption, the synchronization of your passwords, bookmarks, notes, open tabs, and then some.

androidpit vivaldi program

Like any beta rendition, Vivaldi program may experience some little bugs/© AndroidPIT

You can download this application on the Play Store by following this connection.


Planned by the makers of Golf Peaks, inbento is a fun minimal game with a smooth structure that enables you to settle confounds. Enlivened by bentō cooking and Japanese feel, inbento offers in excess of a hundred riddles to comprehend. Honestly

, you should pay a few bucks to have the option to play it, however you will be totally freed of the advertisements. Suggested for all enthusiasts of the class!

You can download this application from the

GCA Launcher

GCA Launcher is another launcher for Android. Taking up a material structure, it offers a down to earth stylish and smooth experience like Stock Android.

Most importantly, it has been intended to be good with all cell phones, including the less incredible ones, (for example, those running Android Go).

androidpit gca launcher

A straightforward launcher that is perfect with all cell phones/© AndroidPIT

You can download this application on the Play Store by following this connection.


Do you know SNIKS? These are little colorful snakes that you should control to eat natural product while cautiously guaranteeing that they don’t disrupt the general flow. It’s a sort of present day SNAKE (the Nokia game) and is similarly as addictive as the first form with somewhat more idea.

You can download this game from the Play Store by following this connection.

Men dressed in Black: Global Invasion

On the off chance that you like Pokémon Go and you are keen on the universe of Men dressed in Black, at that point Men dressed in Black: Global Invasion might bear some significance with you.

You are drenched in the life of a MIB operator and need to go searching for outsiders. You have to investigate the boulevards of your city to discover them through increased reality. Once caught, you can improve and advance the outsiders to dispatch them thusly against other MIB operators.



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